Colt Anal Trainer Kit Butt Plug - Black

Colt Anal Trainer Kit Butt Plug - Black

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Any pleasure involves some initial training. That's why COLT have come up with the COLT anal trainer kit. This set includes three gradually sized butt plugs for intense anal exercises. All made out of soft rubber for a great feel and fit, these plugs have special flared bases that prevent the toys from going down too deep inside. Train yourself with joy and advance to new levels of pleasure. All you need is a good set of tools for it.

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Absolutely Wonderful

I'm absolutely in love with these plugs. The size progression is nice, they're easy to use and clean, I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a training kit!

Anonymous - October 5 2015

Not all that great, but not terrible.

These butt plugs are smooth, and feel really nice overall! The small one certainly is small, the medium one feels slightly more average, but the large one? The large one is definitely intimidating. I haven't tried that one out, yet, it's so big!
My biggest critique with these is how wide the stem is on them. It makes it very easy for the plug to just pop on out of you, which obviously is not what you want to have happen. These definitely are not good for constant wear, or even to wear for a 10 minute period of time unless you wear a thong and don't move around at all to keep them tucked in there. They'd be good to gradually stretch up all at once to get ready to actually have anal sex, but I was interested in using them for all-day wear, and unfortunately, they aren't good for that. I still have a use for them, but they just don't do what I want them to. For the price, though, it's a pretty good deal.

Tree - June 11 2014

Colt Anal Trainer Kit review.

The colt trainers have been great so far. They have a really great smoothness as well as feel. The sizes are well manageable as long as you prepare yourself.
For the shipping, it came in extremely fast. It was ordered on Friday, shipped on Monday and then arrived on Wednesday!

Lydia - April 16 2014

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